Beware of cheap poorly made moon lamps that stop working a after a few Weeks!
LEDMOONLAMP.COM is the only United Kingdom based supplier of the latest 2019 moon lamp.

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The Moon Perfectly Recreated.

Every 3D printed Moon Lamp we sell is based on actual NASA satellite images of the moon. The moon is perfectly captured in these lamps. Even the minute details like the moon’s craters are replicated. These unique lamps  come in a beautiful presentation box and contains all you need to get started. They have become the focal lighting point in many homes, make it a centre-piece in your home now!

PLA 3D printed NASA photography replicated Moon Lamp.

Our 3D printed Moon Lamps are based on actual NASA photographs of the moon. These moon lamps have the realistic surface area of the moon include the moon’s craters. Our new 2019 version of the moon lamp now includes a 16 button colour changer remote control. Our Moon Lamps have become the focal lighting point in many homes, make it a centre-piece in your home now.


Quality product

Best Quality Materials

We create each moon lamp by using only the highest quality 3D printing materials. Each one goes through the highest quality control standards. We use high quality PLA (Polylactic Acid) for the creation of these lamps. PLA is a safe, renewable and recyclable source material. Everyone of these unique lamps have been CE certified and can be charged via any USB power source, like your home computer, or via your mobile phone charger.


The Moon Lamp Starter Kit.

Each one of our moon light lamps comes securely packaged in box and each one contains all you need to get started and immediately experience the amazing ambience these lamps provide.

  • Moon Lamp
  • Wooden Stand
  • USB charger Cable
  • 16 Colour Remote Control

All You Need To Get Started With Moon Lamps.

With each one of our Moon Lamps will come in securely packaged in box. The Moon Lamp box includes the following for you to immediately enjoy your Moon Lamp:
  • Moon Lamp
  • Wooden Moon Lamp Stand
  • USB charger Cable
  • Moon Lamp 16 Colour Remote Control

All You need in one box

Moon Lamp Control

Our latest 2019 version comes with a 16 colour Changer Remote control. You will no longer need to get up and touch the Moon Lamp’s sensor to select your colour or light mode. The remote control lets you perform the following operations:

  • Power on and Power off
  • Change Colours
  • Adjust brightness levels
  • Set a Flash effect
  • Set a Strobe effect
  • Set a Fade effect
  • Set a Smooth effect
moon-lamp-16 colour remote

Moon Lamp Centrepiece Of Any Room.

Our amazing moon light lamps are the lighting centrepiece in many homes. Whether it is placed in the living room or a bedroom, It will leave your guests in awe and will be the ignition to interesting conversations.
A lot of our customers inform us they discovered our unique lamps after visiting a friend or family members home. Why not make the moon a centrepiece in your home too.

Moon Lamp The Centrepiece Of Any Room.

The moon lamp is the lighting centrepiece in many homes. It will leave your guests in awe and will be the spark of an interesting conversation.


Select Your perfect ambiance

A Peaceful Bedtime.

Turn bedtime into an imaginative and peaceful time for children. They will be mesmerised and amazed that the moon is in their bedroom. It will spark a light in their imagination and at the same time create a tranquil atmosphere, for a peaful nights sleep.


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