Large Moon Lamp The perfect Night Light


Are you a fan of amazing lamps? Do you like getting compliments from people when they visit your home? Want to make your room look cooler and appealing to your mates? The large Moon Lamp is the 20cm version and is the product that will meet all your requirements.

How Is The Large Moon Lamp Created

The large Moon Lamp is created after going through a long hard process of 30+ hours. Our goal is to deliver a product with no flaws and in order to achieve that feat our Moon Lamp goes through three supervised checks.
Have you ever seen NASA images of the moon?

If yes, you will notice that our 3D printed Moon Lamp is an exact designed replica of the surface of the moon. We try to capture every little detail of the surface of the moon, so that when you show-off this product to your friends and family, they figuratively see a large full moon.
Our Product is tested, checked and approved from different sources, it comes with a set of rechargeable batteries that are safe and long-lasting.

Sizes and Colours With Other Specifications:

Even though we recommend the 20cm moon lamp. We also offer the 3D Moon Lamp in 7 different sizes. Each allows you to cycle between 16 different colours. You can totally customize this 3D Moon Lamp as per your wishes and we will deliver it to you with perfection. You can opt from sizes of 8 cm to 22 cm! Furthermore.

Our large Moon Lamp can be controlled via remote control! You can change the colour, dim the light or choose for maximum brightness and control how the moon looks in your room.
You have kids at your home who are a bit ‘poky’ with cool stuff? Don’t you worry! Our 3D Printed Lamps are designed to make them 100% child safe.

Our large Moon Lamp is powered by a powerful 5000mAh battery capacity and only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge itself. Once the 3D Moon Lamp is fully charged, it will give you about 10-12 hours of uncompromising performance.

It’s The Perfect Gift:

At some time in life, we have all made promises to our significant other. Promises like “I can bring you the moon and stars”, well we can’t say anything about stars but you can definitely get them a 3D Moon Lamp.
You can gift it to your children as well, can you imagine the happiness on their face when their friends come over and are appalled by this amazing lamp

Trust us, it is the most perfect and unique gift you can get for your loved ones.

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